Since its inception around the turn of the millennium The Whitestone Foundation has sponsored a number of major national and international initiatives.  In addition to the  Journal for Cultural and Religion Theory (JCRT)   it has launched and operated the following projects:

Res Publica  -  an organization of scholars who met annually in Aspen, Colorado from 2001-05 to discuss compelling issues of religion in American public life as well as publish monographs and newsletters.  Monographs include The Republic of Faith (The Davies Group, 2002) and In God We Trust? (Aspen Academic Press, 2005).  

Fidelis –  a forum for scholars and public intellectuals engaged in an ongoing conversation, both online and in person, concerning new forms of Christianity.   

The foundation is currently  launching a new  initiative known as Crisis Cafe - An Idea Factory for the Social and Cultural Thought Leaders of Tomorrow.

It is also a partner with, and sponsor of,  The Global Art & Ideas Nexus.

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